Urban/Nature (2014)

I do not know which is weirder. A loaf of dead animal minced meat packed inside a white plastic bag per se or the fact that no one thinks it is odd.  A quick google search showed that the use of word ‘nature’ has declined since the 1800s. We used to live among them, now city kids like me can only ‘learn’ about its existence from beer commercials and cable TV documentaries. Raw meat in a plastic container labelled ‘beef’ becomes the closest connection city dwellers have with a cow.

Growing up in a metropolitan city, I feel very distanced from nature. Nature has always been a rare and fragmental existence in post-industrial urban cities. I started this series as a reminder of the strangeness of the city lifestyle. I collect facets of nature and juxtapose them next to artificial objects. This series of still life photographs is my attempt to explore the relationship between nature and urbanites.