(PHOTO)graphy (2015)

(PHOTO)graphy re-examines photographs as surrealistic objects. Each work in this series plays with some aspects of photographs – the compression of dimension, the signs and symbols, the appropriation of reality etc. It is an imagination of the photograph from a perspective with which photography is a foreign concept.

By treating photographs as surrealistic objects, I explore the limitation of photographic image as representation of reality. Each work in this series attempts to accentuates the physicality of the photo paper. Through bending, cutting, burning and other ways of physical manipulation, I release the image from its two-dimensional surface back into the three-dimensional reality. In this way, I probe questions about the way we understand a photo, a visual artefact we have grown so accustomed to in its merely 150 years of existence, a medium that has become a common language in the contemporary consciousness.